Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Charles Bukowski 'a good poem can do almost anything'

"C. Bukowski ended his poems better than any other cat I've known" 
tama tells us. . .
"me ow", cries frosty   "other than frosty", tama replies
yes, noble assistant editors, and! a few of Charles Bukowski's concluding lines, and then, treats for all!
                                                            frosty's "meohhh!"   

'for the miracle of food and         
maybe  nobody  ever  angry             
again, this place and                  
all the other places                                      

for them
for me   
                                                        tama, "goodness,
                                                        how appropriate
     Angels,                                           for these days 
we have grown apart'                                of ours"

'eat a good pear today
so tomorrow                           'or at least
you can                                 take time
remember it'                            to turn the sauerkraut.' 

                      frosty: "I chose these!"

"and I'll close this post with the following" says tama. . .

        'writing stalks
        it knows no                                                  

        and writing 
        at itself,
        at pain.

        it is the last
        the last

        what it

'a good poem can make a broken mind
a good poem can let you shake hands
with Mozart,
a good poem can let you shoot craps
with the devil
and win,
a good poem can do almost anything,
and most important
a good poem knows when to

                  'as the wind breaks in from the sea
                  and time goes on 
                  flushing your bones with soft peace.'

and it's treats, 'not for either you and I, but for all the rest'
"correction, maestro" states frosty- "for all of us!"

ok, tama, frosty, let's see to it everyone (including us) 
has a treat today. . .   and, my thanks to assistant ed. tama for
editing Buck's ofttimes 'colorful' subject matter/verbiage

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen


above excerpts are from two of our favorites, Bukowski's
'The Roominghouse Madrigals' and 'Betting On The Muse',
Black Sparrow Press.   
               Our best to your own good writing!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Alan Catlin: Scenes from Hiroshige’s Emperor’s Road

              Scenes from Hiroshige’s Emperor’s Road

stated editorial assistant, and sage, the Froster: 'Tama, our friend Alan Catlin is a very gifted poet'  
and assistant ed. Tama replied, 'yes, of course he is! and let's do another post of his poetry"
        and thus, gentle readers, poetry from Alan. . .

        Merchants and travelers
        seek refuge in village                            

        alongside the floating
        river. The journey is long

        and the temptations are
        many along the way.

        Tradesmen and women
        display their wares;

        long are the nights
        spent in reverie and joy!


              Gagaku Dream                                                                         

              Court musicians dressed
              in ceremonial robes wear

              Noh masks; hands move,
              strings quiver, taut drum

              skins are tapped; not one
              sound is heard.

              In the hearth, a fire is burning.


         Sudden rain squalls
         on mountain roads

         to the village;
         only the rich

         can afford fine
         woven silk jackets,

         everyone else
         wears straw!                                    



Along windy beach
fishermen haul

their nets from
the sea.  As night

falls the human
chain is unbroken;

the catch still far
from shore.


    Pilgrim disembark from 
    chartered sail boats

    near the Atsuka shrine
    where one of three scared

    treasure of Japan is stored.
    Here the sword, outside,

    someone has planted


          Crossing the Great Sanjo
          Bridge, temples and geisha

          huts await.  In the distance
          high mountains surround

          the capital, Kyoto.

thank you, Frosty and Tama, thank you, Alan

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen
                           darylayaz@gmail.com (and/or) darylayaz@me.com

Friday, September 16, 2016

poets: Chris Faiers, Christina Sng, George Held, Teresinka Pereira, Catfish McDaris, Dennis Rhodes, and Bradley Mcilwain!

assistant editor Tama, putting her paw down: "we've been so 
busy moving, we haven't recently honored any 0f 
the poets we care about!"                              

assistant ed. Frosty, 
stating, "I'm putting 
four paws down 
in agreement! 
(we've been a 
little short on treats, also)"

yes, noble assistants, you are so right, and! here we go. . .

                           Chris Faiers
                        Marmora, Ontario

secrets revealed
with every step
in the dry stream bed
                                              faded mandalas
                                              carved in the wood
                                              of the old bridge
                crows discuss
                drought withered fields
                and wild red apples

Christina Sng

summer break
the cat's hotel                               water ripples
nicer                                         our cat tries to pat
                                               the goldfish

                 first day of summer
                 a raven feather
                 at the door

             ('gotta love Christina's cat poems' says Tama)


George Held  
  New York

                                           Too Few Submissions

                       Recipe for a failed literary magazine
                       in one simple guideline:

                      "We do not consider first-person
                       poems or fiction.”

                       Teresinka Pereira
                         Toledo, Ohio 

                       EARTH DAY 

                       The earth
                       is an enormous home,
                       strong and renewable
                       where our dreams
                       and our utopia survive.
                       The Earth is as recycled
                       as we are, beings
                       who live on the surface,
                       or in its cosmic space.
                       Viva the Earth
                       for the infinite treasure
                       it gives us!
                       We must have a special love
                       for everybody's Earth
                       and for the everyday Earth!

     Catfish McDaris
     West Alice, Wisconsin

                                                  The Desert

     Cochise’s dry hot tears
     skeletons of buffalo
     windstorm ghosts dry death.

Dennis Rhodes
Naples, Florida
                         A tortoise and a snail
                         had a race and no one
                         else noticed but me.

                         What to make of it?
                         Just that it's one of those things
                         alert poets see.

                         Would love to tell you who won--
                         had to go resume
                         my own race against time.

Bradley Mcilwain                        
Brooklin, Ontario

                                          muddy path -                             
                                          boots press on
  shallow stream                       always seeking
  a Heron dips her wings —
  vision taking flight

"we did it!" says Tama
"and this post just feels good," I reply. . .
Frosty, "yes! and now, everyone, it's time for treats!"

and, we will 
see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

                          darylayaz@gmail.com (and/or) darylayaz@me.com

Friday, August 19, 2016

The Legend of Rainbow Bridge by William N. Britton Illustrated by Dandi Palmer


"Until one has loved an animal,
      a part of one's soul
      remains unawakened.
                     ~Anatole France~

it seemed as if we'd lost our 
assistant ed. frosty "I was crying 
from the depths of my heart. . ." 
states assis't ed. tama (you and 
Judith and I, we all were, Tama) 
but!  due to some, gotta say it, 
apparent spiritual interventions, 
we haven't!  
    Here he is, all healthy and an even 
       improved irresistible rascal!

Seeking solace for our heartache, 
we turned to 
The Legend of Rainbow Bridge
(for children and adults of all ages) "healing words and comfort
for souls and hearts of countless animal lovers around the world"

a teaching/healing presence held by peoples all around our world (here, explained by a shaman, a religious philosopher of our native Sioux/Iroquois). . .

Just this side of heaven is the Rainbow Bridge. When our pets die, they run and play together, healed and happy, beside this bridge made of rainbows. . . and they are content, and! they are waiting,
waiting for their beloved human(s),
for you and I. . . and when we approach, they'll just know, and quickly will come to us - after a joyous reunion, together, we'll cross the Rainbow Bridge.

tama says, "if I'm the first to the Rainbow Bridge, I'll be waiting for frosty, and 
judith, and for you, mister editor daryl" and we for you, tama. . .  we'll all 
cross the Rainbow Bridge, together.

Love the animals,
Love the plants,
Love everything.
If you love everything, you will
   perceive the divine mystery in things.
Once you perceive it, you will begin to
   comprehend it better every day.
And you will come at last to love the
whole world with an all-embracing love.
                        ~Fyodor Dostoevsky~                                      

see you in a moment

ayaz daryl nielsen

                       darylayaz@gmail.com (and/or) darylayaz@me.com